​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is it

“We Thrive” is a unique and impactful program that provides onsite individual or team coaching and trainings to employees and executives in a multitude of industries.

These confidential sessions are highly personalized, solution-focused, and always custom curated to the professional's and/or organization's unique needs and preferences.

The coaching and trainings offered can cultivate and address any/all of the following: 

-​Work-Life Balance-
-Peak performance-

-Stress management-
-Conflict resolution-

-Changes and transitions-
-Time management-

-Mindset mastery-
-Agility and adaptability-
-Finding creative solutions-
-Process optimization-
-Leadership style- 

As well as many other areas, completely dependent on each client's unique goals.


Why it was deve​loped

Utilizing her background in psychology and behavioral health, Marina Serobyan created We Thrive to help elevate emotional wellbeing and peak mental performance.

This program provides an effective, convenient and accessible way to help professionals maintain balance and thrive in today's overwhelmingly demanding lifestyle. This is achieved by building on one's assets/strengths and promoting growth, as no individual or business establishment should be functioning below their ability level. 

The "juggle struggle," as Marina terms it, (referring to the many responsibilities most people carry between work and other areas of life) can create ongoing dissatisfaction, and consequently, inhibit growth and reaching one's full potential. However, it is all preventable and resolvable. As such, it is Marina's passion and purpose to see our society succeeding without all the stressing!


What is unique about this coaching program

One of the most distinctive aspects about this program is the wide ranging areas that can be addressed courtesy of the level of experience and education of its creator. 

As a licensed Psychotherapist, Marina offers high caliber, intuitive consultancy that creates a lasting difference. She is well-versed in collaborating with clients to develop new insights, create positive changes, manage challenges, and meet their highest potential. Working in executive leadership positions for years, as well as mental and behavioral health, solidified for Marina the importance of wellness and balance to attain and sustain optimal performance.

In addition to having an expert partner, the convenience and comprehensiveness of the meetings being onsite within the organization, is an imperative difference compared to most coaching services that are via phone or video conference (these methods are however always available as an option to accomodate client's time limitations).


Who can benefit from it

Individuals and employers that believe wellbeing and personal development are foundational to growth and success. 

We Thrive is offered to professionals and organizations in several industries which includes:

-Real Estate-

and others... 


How to get started ​

Contact us for a complimentary brief phone consultation to explore the possibility of benefiting from We Thrive's innovative approach to achieving work/life wellness and optimal performance.

Benefits of workplace coaching programs include:
- Improved productivity and performance 
- Increased employee job satisfaction 
- Increased engagement 
- Increased loyalty and retention
- Cultivating a culture of  wellbeing
- Building and sustaining high morale 
- Fostering improved emotional health
- Decrease in absenteeism and turnover
- Reduced healthcare and recruitment costs

    The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) define wellbeing as    

  ​​​​​​  ‘Creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.’ (CIPD 2016)    
Although Marina Serobyan is a practicing licensed psychotherapist, the coaching rendered by her does not entail any form of clinical care; including diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. "We Thrive" is a coaching service that can offer support to professionals and executives within an organization on areas such as personal development, stress management, effective communication, changes and transitions, problem solving, teach mindfulness and meditation, optimizing processes, and other work life related matters.